Dideban Tajhiz Alborz Co.

Dideban Tajhiz Alborz Co. (DTA) ,Founded in 2012,  is the global leader in Eye Care, and innovation leader in Cataract Surgery products, representative of  AJL ophthalmic S.A, one of the most successful and respected healthcare companies in Spain with a special focus on ophthalmology and veterinary, the company is a leading healthcare company, with a global concern, whose aim is to be recognized for innovation, commitment and high quality standards of its products for health care and welfare of people, in order to meet their current and future needs. DTA is also an exclusive agent of Intacs and Ferrara ring which is determined by the innovation and constant development of new intrastromal rings, Intacs® corneal implants, approved by the FDA and granted CE Mark certification in Europe in addressing vision threatening conditions of the cornea. Intacs corneal implants are indicated for keratoconus and myopia.


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