AIALA DRY Fully Preloaded

Ocular lens opacification usually developed with advancing age. In order to improve eye vision, natural lens affected with cataract is removed and an intraocular lens is implanted inside the capsular bag. For eye lens removal, nowadays the most used technique consists in breaking it in multiple particles and removing those particles by “phacoemulsification” method. In this surgery procedure the lens is break up into tiny pieces because of the high mechanical strength triggering high turbulence conditions. Since there is physical manipulation with several surgical instruments inside the anterior chamber of the eye, it is essential to be very careful to avoid irreparable damage of ocular tissues. To achieve this, a viscoelastic fluid as protector agent is used, being injected at the beginning of the process, and is attached protecting corneal endothelium during surgery. After “phacoemulsification”, a new intraocular lens is implanted into the eye.

AIALA DRY Fully Preloaded is an implant, design to be adapted into the capsular bag, acting as a substitute for the natural lens. It has been designed to avoid opacification of the back (posterior) of the capsule due to its squared edge that blocks cell migration to that zone, as well as presenting a better capsular biocompatibility than hydrophilic lenses. Single piece disposition of AIALA DRY Fully Preloaded allows perfect centering and maximum stability.




The ideal injector system should be single-use to avoid the need for cleaning and sterilization, be fully preloaded to provide accurate and reproducible lens loading without the need for an expert and should be designed to specifically partner an appropriate lens. The required incision should be as small as possible to reduce the risk of infection and astigmatism and the injector should provide smooth, controlled and accurate delivery without damaging the IOL. however, fully preloaded IOL injectors are not completely risk-free, especially if the injectors are poorly designed for the lens. Some injectors may affect of pushing resistance during IOL injection, this may cause conspicuous drawbacks such as haptic breakage and scratches, stress fractures, cracks and/or tear lines in the optic. likewise cartridge cracking and sudden IOL release leading to damaged intraocular tissues.

AIALA DRY Fully Preloaded provides ultimate sterility and decreased lens damage in an easy-to-use, fully preloaded, disposable and well-designed injection that minimizes risk of infection and sterilization process leading to saving times per case and per surgeon that could reduce costs per case or increased profit.


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