Capsular rings

AC/ACS Capsular Tension Rings


It is difficult to believe that a tiny, round device could cause lively discussion and dissension among cataract surgeons. But recent innovations to the capsular tension ring (CTR) make for a charged topic.

The CTR was designed to stabilize the capsule in eyes with weakness ,broken or in the abscence of zonular during cataract extraction using phacoemulsification and continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis techniques. 





  • Stabilization the capsule in the case of high myopia also can be accomplished by CTR.
  • It is used to ensure capsular bag stability leading to Reducing luxation of the IOL besides promotion of IOL centration. 
  • Being flexible with eyelets at the open end of the ring allows for rotation and manipulation in the bag.
  • it is considered a great way to sort out challenges of Situations in which sudden unfolding of a foldable IOL might cause zonular breakage or dislocation of the IOL
  • Pseudoexfoliation which can resualts in lens capsular damage, most common in glaucoma can be eliminated by CTR as well.

AJL CTR come in different diameters and sections (AC/ACS) and can be adapted to the capsular bags of each patient. it has been designed in to different sections AC (round section) and ACS (square section). The square section (ACS) of the ring prevents epitherial cells migration, reducing the risk of posterior capsule opacification (anti-PCO).
                       square section                

                         round section


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