Capsular Staining

AJL Blue

Dyes are used in current ophthalmological practice, both as diagnostic and therapeutic aids. Commonly used dyes include sodium fluorescein, indocyanine green, rose bengal and methylene blue. The properties of these agents are outlined, along with indications for their use. AJL BLUE 0.06% is a sterile trypan blue solution, intraocular and biocompatible used in ophthalmic surgery of the anterior segment. This ophthalmic dye is used as a coadjuvant during capsulorhexis and minimises the risk of laceration in eyes with mature cataracts, with poor reflexes at the back of the eye or with small pupils.

Greater affinity with the inner limiting membrane (ILM) and lesser with the epiretinal membrane, allowing an improved view of the ILM and facilitating the peeling in surgical operations for macular diseases, such as Macular Hole or Macular Fibrosis. Properties:
• Ready-to-use sterile solution: does not require mixing or filtering.
• Excellent biocompatibility.
• No adverse side-effects.
• No side reaction such as photo induced cross linking of collagen fibres.
• Easy removal of residual product from the eye.



• Capsulorhexis
• Phacoemulsification
• Small incision cataract surgery
• Extracapsular cataract surgery
• Anterior/posterior capsulotomy
• Membrane peeling
• Improved visualization




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